November 30, 2023

American Express Platinum United Airlines Travel Bank 2023 Changes

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Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by David

This post is constantly updated with new information

Update 3 1/8/2023: We have received our airline credit. The United Travel Bank still works.

Update 2 1/6/2023: We have seen several reports of users being credited. You’re milage may vary. We will see more in the coming days.

Update 1 1/4/2023: Payment has posted and the transaction name has changed to “United Airlines” like the previous years.

We all know that the American Express Platinum card is one of the best cards available to the public. One of the benefits of the card is the $200 annual travel credit that gets reset on the 1st of every year.

The draw back of the $200 credit is that it can only be used on amenities provides by airlines, but not actual tickets.

A loophole was discovered where you can purchase a United Airlines Travel Bank which is redeemable for airline tickets.

Does the American Express Platinum United Airlines Travel Bank work in 2023?

Yes – 1/8/2023

The process from being Posted to being Credited takes a couple of days. So we shall see and keep the post updated with any information we find.

Multiple users have reported the transactions are now being coded as “United Electronic Ticketing” instead of just “United Airlines”.

2022United Travel Bank Purchase

Only time will tell and we will keep this post updated.

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