June 5, 2023

[Hidden Gem] Duly’s Place Coney Island – Detroit Michigan

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I stumbled into Duly’s by luck. I was in Michigan on business and happened to ask about local foods I should try and that’s when I learned about the Coney Dog from Duly’s. What differentiates a Coney Dog from an average chili cheese dog you may ask? Well, a Coney Dog is a variant of the chili cheese dog. The main difference is the type of chili that is put on the coney and the type of topping used which normally include mustard, onions, and/or cheese. Coney Dogs are extremely popular in Ohio and Michigan and what makes each coney unique is the fact that each part of the state prepares them differently. A Detroit coney will be different from a Flint coney and so on. The secret is in the sauce.

Detroit Coney Dog with Chili Cheese Fries

Duly’s Place Coney Island Hours and Address

5458 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209


Mon 12:00am-2:00pm
Tue Open 24 hours
Wed Open 24 hours
Thu Open 24 hours
Fri Open 24 hours
Sat Open 24 hours
Sun Open 24 hours

Duly’s Place Coney Island Menu

Duly’s Place Coney Island Menu

I want to begin by mentioning that Duly’s is CASH only. No credit cards will be accepted, but that’s something we have found to be the norm with these tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurants. When you first walk into Duly’s, it won’t be what you expect. It’s difficult to explain in writing as you would need to see it with your own eyes. The restaurant is extremely narrow with a long bar-style table stretching almost the entire length.

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The cost of the fully loaded Coney Dog was just $2.50 which in my opinion was a steal for the amount of food you get considering you cannot even get a gallon of gas in 2022 for that much. In addition to the Coney Dog, we got the Chili Cheese Fries which was just as good and brought back a lot of nostalgia from my childhood as it tasted very similar to the chili cheese fries I had growing up. Overall I was very happy with the quality of the food and service and would highly recommend it.

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